Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Use Your Android Device As A Racing Game Controller

Whatever you do on your PC from working to social networking , you love to play game in your boring time even you are not a hardcore gamer. When its come to casual gaming people either play card game in Windows PC orinstalled game like racing. Racing game is one of those game that makes you happy. So how you play racing game ? I know your answer , its "Keyboard". But do you really like palying racing game on keyboard? If you ask me that I will tell that I love gaming , one kind of hardcore gammer. And when its come to racing game I can't play without my gamepad. 

But if your are not serious or hardcore gammer then its obivious that you don't have gamepad. So how to make your racing game enjoyable? Here I have nice idea to use your Android Phone as racing game controller. I know its sound wired. Yes you can transform your Android Phone or tablet as a racing gamepad. 
Virtual Wheel is the app that you need to install in your Android device to do this stuff. Its a free App and avaiavle in Google Play, downlaod link is given ata the end of this article. So how Virtual Wheel works ? Mean how it will connect to your PC ? To use your Android device as a racing gamepad you need to connect your both Android Phone or tablet and Your PC to a perticula wifi network. It will automatically confirure it. The user interface of this controller is simple and by using your Android device's touch you can control your car.  
Virtual Wheel is new and it does not suppor all driving or racing game. According to them you can play F1 2012 on your Android Device cum Racing Gamepad. So install it and give a try.  

Free Download Virtual Wheel from here 


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