Tuesday, 6 August 2013

NewGenBook : Give A New Refreshing Look To Your Boring Facebook UI

Yea you can give a new look your Facebook profile UI or user interface. It's like a theme for Facebook which will completely change your boringFacebook look. And all its possible by NewGenBook.

NewGenBook is the theme that you need to makeover your Facebookaccount. It's a plugin for your web browser that will change your Facebooklook and this plugin is available for all major web browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc. Not only this its also available for iPhone, mean you can get the makeover look of Facebook on iPhone also.

The best thing I liked in this new UI is it's chat box. It's like bubble chat like yours.

 Just download and install the plugin and open your Facebook account from that browser. You will get a refreshing look of Facebook.Do you think its a good makeover for FB UI? 
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