Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Check Which Apps Drain Most Battery On Android Device

Android Phone or tablet is like a playground of Apps. Day by days youdownload and install apps on your phone or tablet which not only makes your device slow but also gives you poor battery backup. As there are some kinds of apps which drains the most battery from your Android Phone or tablet. So its better to check which apps use most of the battery. Wakelook Detector is the free apps in Android market that tells you which apps drains most batteries. 
Wakelook Detector Apps provide you a statistical data about battery usage of every app. So there is a procedure to take this data. 
First install Wakelook Detector  on your Android device Now fully charge your device Now keep untouched your device for two hours. (Don't run any other apps, game, internet, mp3, video or make call ) After that run Wakelook Detector and check the result. 
Wakelook Detector will make a short list that which apps taking too much battery. Here you can see that AppUsage use most batteries afterWhatsApp.

So if you have an Android apps and you installed lots of apps on it then check which apps drain most battery and then uninstall these.



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