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Thursday, 22 August 2013

New ClockworkMod Recovery for Micromax A35 Bolt

  • New ClockworkMod Recovery for Micromax A35 Bolt.The most wanted one,a working Cwm recovery for Micromax A35.I had released a initial version of Cwm recovery two months ago,due to the mount points difference,the Nandroid and mount options were not working.But now,a young determined developer,Akash Ujjainkar,used mount points of several spreadtrum mobiles and at last,the Nandroid option did work.So now the question is that,what is the recovery for?The recovery is mainly used to flash mods and custom roms and so,in order to customize and increase the performance of your smartphone.The recovery has been tested and all the options are working without any problems.So now lets see,what and all the bugs are rectified in this new version of Cwm recovery for Micromax A35.
    No more Nandroid Backup/Restore problems!
    The following below options are working now :
    Mount Data
    Mount System
    Install Rom from SD-card ( So,now you can install Custom Roms )
    Mount Sd-card.
    So lets discus how to flash it on your Micromax A35.Before flashing a recovery,make sure that your device is already rooted.If not,refer this post to root your mobile.
    So now,after rooting your mobiles,follow the below steps to flash Cwm reocvery in your Micromax A35.Make sure that you follow the step-by-steo instructions so that,you will not brick your mobile in any case.
    Using Fastboot :
    Download the following application from playstore
    After installing it on your Pc,open the application and boot into bootloader mode by selecting the option present on the menu.
    Soon your device will be struck on the logo.Now your device is in the bootloader mode.
    Now connect your device to the computer with the Usb cable.
    Now for Adb,you will be needing Android SDK and all the ddvice drivers installed.
    On the adb folder,that is followthe below path to locate the adb folder
    C:\Android SDK tool\platform-tools\
    Note that the above path is only true when the Android SDK is installed in defauly options.
    In platform-tools,hold Shift and right-click on the white space.A pop up menu will appear.Select “Open Command prompt Here”.
    A command prompt will appear on the screen.Download the recovery.img from below and rename it into “recovery.img”.Copy and paste it into the adb folder.
    Now type
    fastboot devices
    And press Enter.Your device ID will be shown.If not,then you havent installed Android SDK in the right way.So reinstall Android SDK and try again.
    If your device ID appear,then you are good to proceed to next step.Type the below line and press enter.
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    Soon the recovery will be flashed.Now reinsert your battery.
    Now hold Power button and Volume Up Key at the same time.Your device will be booted into Cwm recovery.Thats it! You have successfully flashed the new version of Cwm recovery.
    Credits :
    Akash Ujjainkar for solving all the bugs from the initial version of the Cwm recovery.
    Download the Cwm recovery for Micromax A35 by clicking on the below link

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How To Update Windows 8 Offline Both 32bit & 64bit

When you change our operating system then things become change like in new OS we get a new environment. Sometimes we feel stupid to do some easy task. This same problem applies for updating your Windows 8 OS. Online updating is not a big deal but what about offline update.

 The thing is very simple as Autppatcher , a tool to update offline does no support Windows 8. As I have previously said things change with changing OS. We expect that they will soon provide us an offline update for Window 8 also. The best thing in offline update is you can use the same upodate file to update same config system. And who have slow internet connection can update their OS offline. 
Then what do now ? We need a new tool to update offline your Windows 8. And the tool is  WSUS Offline Update. They just released their version 8.0 supporting offline update for Windows 8. Have a look how to use this tool to offline update Windows 8. 
Step 1. Download  WSUS Offline Update tool here Step 2. Unzip the file and open "UpdateGenerator.exe"


Step 3. Now tick mark on these boxes according to this pic
Step 4. Now click on Start

Step 5. Command Prompt will open to download the update file so don't close it.

Step 6. After complete of download open "UpdateInstaller.exe" to installupdate from this directory \wsusoffline80>wsusoffline>client

Step 7. A new windows will open ,just click on Start to install update

Step 8. A command prompt will open to install update.

If you want to give this update file to your friends or who want to makeoffline update, then just give him/her the whole folder (wsusoffline80) , mean after unziping the tool which folder you get and says only to run "UpdateInstaller.exe". Make sure both use same OS with same bit likeWindows 8 64bit or Windows 8 32bit.

NOTE: By the same method you can update Window XP/Vista/7 offline , just tick on the box according your OS.


How To Scan Your Facebook Profile To Keep It Clean

Social networking is a part of our daily life and Facebook is the most favorite social networking site. We share everything on Facebook like your first night hang-out to dating with your girl friend. And Facebook remembers all of this info like where and when you use slang etc.

And day by day these info becomes huge. Then a time comes into your life that these kind of undesirable contents are not good for your present lifestyle like your new gf don't like this or your boss. So show to remove those old status updates or the photos that you don't want to in your present life.

The manual process is very dull, mean you have to visit your Facebook timeline to check and remove those undesirable contents. But now you can do it very easily by FaceWash. FaceWash is Facebook Apps that scans your entire Facebook profile and show you the undesirable contents in yourFacebook profile. To use this app you need to authorize the apps to access your Facebook data.

After authorizing just click on "Start" to scan your Facebook profile , it will take few seconds according your Facebook profile data and shows you the scan result. Just click on any result and you will be redirected to the original post then you can easily edit or remove it. Still now FaceWash scans these items-

  • Comments posted on your wall
  • Comments on photos you are tagged in
  • Photos that you have posted
  • Links that you have liked
  • Photos that you have liked
  • Status updates you have posted
  • Pages that you are a fan of
So if you want to make your Facebook profile clean then just scan it now byFaceWash.


How To Get Notified On Phone If Someone Try To Hack Your Google Account

Security is incomplete without "U". Mean security is in your hand , you can make it as secure as you want. Google is one of most secure web space. Google gives us from Gmail to Blogger. Everything under one account. So it's very vital to keep our google account safe and secure from hacker.  
Suppose a hacker target you and wants to hack your Google account then there is a probability to get access your Google account if you are not using Google's two step verification option. So if a hacker tries to hack your Gmail account then how to be alerted ? 
Google recently added a security option which gives us an option to be notified if someone try to hack your Gmail account. You will get this notification either on your other email id or your phone via sms.  
Google you send a notification via mail or SMS if someone changed your Google password or some suspicious login attempt on your Google account. 
So What is the method to enable notification of suspicious login attempt ? You just need to visit the Google Security Centre and tick on  the Notification Type option like this , You must need to verify your phone number.

So if you still not enable this option to get notified on phone if a hacker tries to hack you then do it now before your Google account get hacked.


Free Download Temple Run 2 For Android Devices

After the success of Temple Run 1 Imangi Studios launched Temple Run 2 for Android Mobiles and Tab. Last week they launched it for iOS platform , and downloaded more than 20 million times. Today they officially launched it for Android platform on Google Play.

If you tried Temple Run 1 then just grab the Temple Run 2 for free. Temple Run 2 is also Arcade & Action type like Temple Run 1. Temple Run 2 is the sequel of Temple Run 1. So if you loved Temple Run 1 then you must tryTemple Run 2.

Free Download Temple Run 2 From Google Play here


Download the Futuristic Fractals Theme for Windows 7

Are you a fan of fractal art? Then you may want to have a look at the Futuristic Fractals Theme for Windows 7. The theme comes with fourteen images featuring fractal art goodness by artist Duncan Lawler.
Download the Futuristic Fractals Theme [Windows 7 PersonalizationGallery]

NewGenBook : Give A New Refreshing Look To Your Boring Facebook UI
Yea you can give a new look your Facebook profile UI or user interface. It's like a theme for Facebook which will completely change your boringFacebook look. And all its possible by NewGenBook.

NewGenBook is the theme that you need to makeover your Facebookaccount. It's a plugin for your web browser that will change your Facebooklook and this plugin is available for all major web browsers like Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc. Not only this its also available for iPhone, mean you can get the makeover look of Facebook on iPhone also.

The best thing I liked in this new UI is it's chat box. It's like bubble chat like yours.

 Just download and install the plugin and open your Facebook account from that browser. You will get a refreshing look of Facebook.Do you think its a good makeover for FB UI? 
 Please comment !!