Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How To Scan Your Facebook Profile To Keep It Clean

Social networking is a part of our daily life and Facebook is the most favorite social networking site. We share everything on Facebook like your first night hang-out to dating with your girl friend. And Facebook remembers all of this info like where and when you use slang etc.

And day by day these info becomes huge. Then a time comes into your life that these kind of undesirable contents are not good for your present lifestyle like your new gf don't like this or your boss. So show to remove those old status updates or the photos that you don't want to in your present life.

The manual process is very dull, mean you have to visit your Facebook timeline to check and remove those undesirable contents. But now you can do it very easily by FaceWash. FaceWash is Facebook Apps that scans your entire Facebook profile and show you the undesirable contents in yourFacebook profile. To use this app you need to authorize the apps to access your Facebook data.

After authorizing just click on "Start" to scan your Facebook profile , it will take few seconds according your Facebook profile data and shows you the scan result. Just click on any result and you will be redirected to the original post then you can easily edit or remove it. Still now FaceWash scans these items-

  • Comments posted on your wall
  • Comments on photos you are tagged in
  • Photos that you have posted
  • Links that you have liked
  • Photos that you have liked
  • Status updates you have posted
  • Pages that you are a fan of
So if you want to make your Facebook profile clean then just scan it now byFaceWash.



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