Thursday, 10 January 2013


Say, you are in office and working on your computer very deeply. In that time, you may like to keep your smartphone on silent mode to avoid the interruption. That’s a great decision to keep it while working, but what would you do when you need to act on a text, mail, even a call while you are sinking on works. Well, in this circumstance, you can’t ignore them completely because of the importance; therefore, you have to keep alert your smartphone to receive those items notifications. After all, if you get anonymous or telemarketing types of message, which is drawing your attention while working, then it would be an over-annoying moment at your work time.
However, these all are kinds of similar cases we face usually in our professional as well as personal life. Sometimes we conclude—that it would be great, if we would receive these all notifications straightly from smartphone to the desktop of our computer, and then respond them without even touching the device itself. Well, it’s not so defective though it would not be possible to complete somehow.

An open source application dubbed “DeskNotifier” would be able to do this by connecting your android smartphone notifications system to the notification system of your windows desktop over Wi-Fi or via data cable. It has developed by “XDA member greenday123” to make your working life easier and more comfortable. So let’s see how you can use this tool to shrink the interruption while working and to keep doing both your job and smartphone simultaneously. 

How To Use DeskNotifier to Receive Your Android Phone All Notifications Straightforward To Your Windows Desktop

Step No 1: Download and install the DeskNotifier desktop application on your Microsoft Windows and the mobile application on your android device. (Before you completely install the desktop application, it’s worth to check the “run at startup” option so don’t forget to do it) Step No 2: As I earlier mentioned that, you can connect either by Wi-Fi or by using data cable. Therefore, after installing, connect your android phone with your computer using any one option of them. Step No 3: Now launch the android application and follow the app instruction. (First time you run the app, you will be redirected to the “Accessibility settings”. There you need to give the permission some of third-party app content to push notification to your desktop and also configure some initial settings including Wi-Fi sleep policy etc. You can’t skip them to do later, indeed you must setup.) 
Step No 4: Thus, now the time has come to run the “DeskNotifier” windows app. After launching, you need to enter the IP address of your android device. (Note it that next all times you connect DeskNotifier with android phone through Wi-Fi option, you must enter the IP address. You can also choose data cable option but it’s really troublesome to carry it wherever you go) 
Step No 5: After connecting your device through using any of the option, you can start to get notifications pushed to your desktop. It will be much better if you get sure that your phone successfully connected to your desktop. Accordingly, push a test ping from your phone to computer, if you get the notification you can keep the phone little away from you and continuously do your job. Next, all of your phone notifications copy will be handed over to your computer system tray until you disconnect deliberately. That’s it. DeskNotify such an awesome app to get the smartphone notifications directly to desktop with non-concern way. DeskNotifier doesn’t keep the notification on screen more than couple of seconds, therefore, before your complete view, if any one of them fade out; you can always check the missed or last notifications by clicking on the system tray icon. If you lack to view all of your old notifications, then you can get them from the right-click menu. One great thing it does, however, lets you to reply or send text message from your computer. To reply text message immediately, click on the notification whenever it appear on screen , and to send new message you need to right-click on the tray icon of desktop then select new SMS to send text. 

Need more help?
If you face any trouble, you can always comment here to get the solution from us. Alternatively, whenever you want, you can visit the DeskNotifier official installation instructions webpage to get more help.


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