Sunday, 13 January 2013


Note:-Control your children's activity on the Internet with the help of Advanced Keylogger.
                Make sure that your child is on the good side of what computers can do.

Computer plus Internet are the perfect ways of getting, exchanging and searching for any sort of information. However when incorrectly used, Internet can become a source of danger and leak of important data. It is always better to prevent the problem, then to solve it when the damage is done. That's why Eltima Software created a special invisible keylogger for monitoring and analysis of computer usage. Now you can stay in the know of how much time your kid spends at the computer and what websites your employees visit during the working hours. 
Eltima Advanced Keylogger collects complete reports of users' activity You can easily find out which keys were pressed, what websites were visited and even what information was copied to the Clipboard.
The main advantage of Advanced Keylogger is that it can be absolutely invisible for the system. All you need is to make sure that you added it to your antivirus' white list. 
Maybe I can just warn the users of my PC?
 Of course if monitoring secretly makes you uncomfortable and upsets you, but you know it is the right way to do things, we've got the solution for you! Advanced Keylogger has a wonderful possibility to warn those at your computer that they are being monitored. As a result the person using your computer will realize that it is being monitored and won't make any illegal or unethical actions.
With Advanced Keylogger you can:-
Control outgoing IM conversations 
See all messages sent from your computer via Skype, ICQ, etc. and see what messages were typed but not sent.
Log all typed information, even Windows Logon password 
Any key pressed any letter typed will show up in Advanced Keylogger logs.
Take screenshots of all computer activity 
You have the possibility to set the screenshots frequency and analyze all computer activity visually. It is also a great way to track all incoming emails and IM messages.  

See what websites were visited and when
Advanced Keylogger will report you of what sites were visited, whatsearch words were entered, how much time was spent at each website, etc.
Control all that went through the clipboard
Usually keyloggers track what keys were pressed, but never track what was copied to the clipboard. Unlike many others, Advanced Keylogger - an essential invisible keylogger - has a special log for all information that was copied to the clipboard. 
Advanced Keylogger works perfectly with all modern Windows OS types: Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®.

Note:-This article is for education purpose only.I and will not be responsible for anyharm nillegal use by you. 


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