Sunday, 13 January 2013


Users of facebook are again in trouble due to the new scam called “Yeahh!! It happens on Live Television!”. This is spreading rapidly among the users. In this a semi nude pic is shown to attract the users and force them to click on the video link. The lady shown in the video post is Marika Fruscio an Italian Model, She had Wardrobe malfunction on a live TV show. Once a user clicks on the video link, it asks for age verification which is actually a hidden link. On click this executes the javascript code which posts the same link with yout contacts. And it aks for a survey to see the video. Thus scammer makes money each time a user go for the survey.
how to protect from these scams:
The only thing you need to do to protect yourself is self control. Do not try to open this type of strange videos. These can be identified by the messages posted with videos. You should also report these as spam to help facebook to control these scams.


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