Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hack email accounts or passwords using session cookies

Hi friends,Today i will show you the practical implementation of session hijacking that how can we take over others sessions and hack his email accounts and other website passwords. In this tutorial of hacking email accounts using session cookies, i will explain you with the help of yahoo account. I will tell you how to hack yahoo account using session cookies. 

What are Session Cookies or Magic Cookie or Session ID?
Lets discuss this in very simple language, Whenever we login in our account, it generates a unique string that contains the path of automatic login for particular time then after that limited time it expires by itself.
Note its life is only up to when your web browser is open. If you close your web browser it will be get deleted(Its latest up gradation in cookie's field for providing more security).
Now this unique string or simply called Magic cookie is stored at two places first copy is stored on server(of which we cannot do anything) and second is stored in our web browser in form of cookie.
This cookie is destroyed by three ways first is when you close your web browser, second is when you sign out of your account and third is if you left your account open for more than 20 minutes idle.

How to access the cookies on local system?
As i am explaining this tutorial for hacking yahoo email account. So in your web browser just open and login into your account.
After that type the below code exactly and then press enter:
Now a popup box will appear showing the cookies something like this:
How to hack email account using session cookies

Now create one fake account on and login in that account and retrieve the cookie in same manner and notice the changes in session ID's.

For hacking the session cookies we first need the session cookies of the victim and its quite simple to get the session cookies of the victim. You just need to send him one link as soon as he clicks on that we will get his session cookie.

After hacking the session cookies, we can use stolen session cookie to login into victim's account even without providing username and password as i already explained that session hacking removes the authentication on the server as we have the AUTO LOGIN cookie. In this type of attack when victim sign out , then hacker will also sign out. But in case of YAHOO its little bit different, when victim signout but attacker still have the access to his account. Yahoo maintains the session for 24 hours and then destroy the session ID's from its server.

How to Steal the Session Cookies?
1. Go to the Website and register there:

2. Download the Cookie stealer files:

3. Now upload the four files on the website and create one empty directory naming Cookies as shown below:

hack session cookies using cookie stealer

4. Now Send the link of yahoo.php to victim. Now what will happen when user clicks on the yahoo.php is that its cookies are get stored into directory Cookies and simultaneously he is redirected to his account.

5. Now open the link Hacked.PHP to access the cookies. In my files the password is "password". You need to put that to access the files.

hacked email account

6. You must have got the username of victim's account. Simply Click on it and it would take you to inbox of victim's yahoo account without asking for any password.

hacked account cookie details

Now it doesn't matter if victim signs out from his account, you would remain logged into it.

You can try this attack by using two browsers. Sign into yahoo account in one browser and run the code. Then sign in through other browser using stolen session.


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